Greek athletes participated for the first time in the World Canicross Championship in Leipa, Germany, organized by Leipa.

The Greek team, consisting of Loukas Dagdelis, Argyris Kaounis, and Athanasios Kaounis,showcased their love and passion for dogs and sports. With great pride, this team represented our country in one of the most competitive sports arenas, where the interaction between humans and dogs is at the core of the activity.

The athletes and their dogs faced challenging weather conditions and a competitive environment with determination and strength. With each step, they excelled not only as athletes but also as partners with their loyal dogs.

Canicross is not just a sporting event but also an opportunity to strengthen the bond between humans and dogs. Participants demonstrated not only their technical skill but also their love for pets, making the Greek mission an exemplary dedication to sports with an animal-friendly dimension.

After days of intense competition, the Greek team returned home with their heads held high, bringing back not only the experience of the race but also the enthusiastic support of the audience.

This participation in the World Canicross Championship is a source of inspiration and expertise for all who love sports, dogs, and the interaction between them. It serves as a reminder that sports can be more than a simple activity—it is a journey of collaboration, dedication, and love that transcends borders and unites people and animals.

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