Greece is bidding for the World Championship of 2025

Greece appears to have a fantastic opportunity to compete for and host the 2025 Canicross World Championship. The selection of the Elati – Pertouli area in the Municipality of Pyli Trikala as a candidate location indicates that the country has the potential to offer a unique experience to participants and spectators.

The Pertouli seems to possess all the technical characteristics required by the I.C.Ffor a successful organization, in combination with the local authorities. The choice of this particular location is significant for the event’s success as it may host over 900 athletes from around the world. The unique landscapes and natural beauty of the ElatiPertouli area can provide a stunning backdrop for both athletes and the audience.

Greece’s presentation in Turin, in Italy on 3-4 May by the Greek Canicross Team will be an opportunity to strengthen its candidacy and persuade other members of the International Canicross Federation (I.C.F.) as well as relevant authorities about the suitability of Pertouli as the location for the 2025 Canicross World Championship. It is important to showcase all the potential and advantages that Greece offers, especially the specific location in Thessaly, in order to gain the trust of member countries.

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