Respect dogs


The integration of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into canicross activities and the support of animal welfare organizations and stray animals constitute a wonderful way to contribute to society and bolster efforts for animal protection.

The initiative of CaniCross Greece™ and FULLFACE Non Profit Civil Association represents an outstanding example of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It is evident that this organization has a distinctive character and emphasizes various aspects of social and environmental contribution. Its commitment to wildlife protection, support for animal welfare organizations, and encouragement of collaboration between dogs and humans reflect a comprehensive approach to CSR.

Furthermore, allocating a percentage of advertising revenue from sponsorships to animal welfare organizations is an excellent practice, combining the promotion of sports with support for animal care programs. Additionally, the effort to develop your own CSR program reflects your commitment to a better living environment, offering good practices in various areas.

Overall, this initiative demonstrates a willingness to play an active role in society and contribute to challenges related to the environment, animals, and social well-being.

The connection of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with canicross, the promotion of sports, and support for animal welfare organizations is an excellent approach that has positive effects on both the community and the company’s image. Here are some ways to implement it:

Sponsorships for Canicross Races: Your company can become a sponsor for various canicross races, providing financial support, equipment, or other amenities for participants. This not only promotes sports but also increases the visibility of the company in the sports community.

Organization of Canicross Events:
Canicross race events or promotional activities highlight practices that incorporate elements of philanthropy or awareness for stray animals. Bringing children closer to canicross through familiarization with our four-legged friends.

Support for Animal Welfare Organizations: Providing financial support to animal welfare organizations that aim to protect, care for, and adopt stray animals. FULLFACE Non Profit Civil Association collaborates directly with shelters to promote ideas and practical solutions.

Promotion of Adoptions: Ensuring through events or initiatives that you support includes information about the adoption of stray animals. This can be done through the internet, events, races, or even the promotion of posts on social media.

Organization of Canicross Events for People with Disabilities: Creating canicross events designed for the participation of people with disabilities. These events can provide a safe and supportive environment for exercise and participation in sports activities through special therapists.

These methods of CSR integration not only benefit the community and animals but also contribute to communication that is interested in the common good and ethical issues.