About Canicross Greece™

canicross greece™

The CaniCross Greece™ significantly contributes to knowledge transfer in Greece through the I.C.F. (International Canicross Federation) and creates conditions for the development of the activity

Canicross is an impressive off-road recreational activity that has been gaining more enthusiasts worldwide in recent years Engaging in such an activity as a human-canine team offers an exhilarating experience. In Greece, it emerged a few years ago without any significant or notable activity. It was built on solid foundations following a study and intense effort by the… CreActivityZone within it. 2018 and was named CaniCross Greece™. The goal was and remains the development and spread of the sport throughout Greece. This objective also aims to bring humans and dogs closer together.

The expertise, reliability, and dynamism make CaniCross Greece™ the sole entity in Greece for promoting this activity.

The founders

Subsequently, the people behind CaniCross Greece™ sought and succeeded in integrating Greece into the global family of I.C.F. in April 2019. The goal of integrating Grecce into I.C.F. The goal was to participate in the World Championships and organize races in Greece. The promotion of athletes from abroad to participate in championships here and vice versa is a significant move that will highlight Greece and attract the right audience.
CaniCross Greece™ fully complies with and implements the global regulations of I.C.F. to host similar activities and meets all the required specifications for organizing international and world-level events in Canicross, Bikejoring, and Scooter

After internal work and rearrangements people of CaniCross Greece™ decide the creation of FULLFACE Non-profit organization with the aim of continuing and improving the idea on new lines and new policy. CaniCross Greece™ now on is an activity of FULLFACE AMKE and promotes good practices CaniCross Greece™ helps the actions development in supporting actions Good practices are developed in a wide range of activities, such as social contributions for the protection of wildlife, contributing to animal welfare organizations for the protection of strays, participating in animal-friendly education programs, and promoting socialization between dogs and humans

CaniCross Greece™, guided by reliability and expertise, seeks unique collaborations to promote the sport, always with love for dogs in mind.